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Welcome to eCo! We specialize in battery powered electric bikes, electric scooters and mopeds. Fun for people of all ages, our products are safe, economical and eco-friendly. Making riding fun again without ever breaking a sweat! No gasoline!
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Benefits of Electric Bicycles

 Electric Scooters:

  EZIP E500 Scooter

EZIP E-500

Fun and affordable w/ 500 watts of power!


  EZIP E750 Scooter

EZIP E-750

Fun for all ages! Have a blast with 750w power!


  EZIP E1000 Scooter

EZIP E-1000

Top of the line! 1000w with full suspension.


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Here are some things to think about if you're considering
an electric bicycle or scooter:

  • Electric bikes are a great alternative to cars. At just pennies per charge, you could save hundreds of dollars on gasoline by choosing an e-bike. Learn more...
  • No need for insurance, registration or drivers license to operate electric bikes in most states. The laws...
  • Don't break a sweat - exercise is optional. An
    electric bicycle is great for commuting! Ride it like a normal bicycle, or use power instead. No need to worry about being sweaty or exhausted when you arrive.
  • Extend your range and reduce your stress. Electric scooters and e-bikes will help you avoid traffic and reduce stress levels. Plus, you'll be able to travel faster and further with the help of power assistance. U.S.
    law limits electric bicycles to 20 mph, but there's no limit on how fast you can go while pedaling.
  • Electric bikes are fun for all ages. Safe and easy to operate, e-bikes are great for retirees, baby-boomers, 30-somethings, college students and teens.
  • Go GREEN - reduce your 'carbon footprint'. Since electric bikes don't burn fossil fuels, you'll be helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Read more about the pros and cons of electric bikes >

Popular Electric Bike Models
 Top Sellers & Recommendations
IZIP E3 Vibe Electric Bike
IZIP E3 Vibe...
One of our most affordable e-bikes with lots of options.
Price: $849
EG Athens Electric Bike
EG Athens E-Bike...
Comfortable Li-Ion model and a top seller at our shop.
Price: $1249
BH Easy Motion Neo City
Easy Motion Neo City...
High-end city commuter that's loaded with features.
Price: $2699
BH Easy Motion Neo Cross
Easy Motion Neo Cross...
Versatile daily commuter with cutting-edge technology.
Price: $2699
EG Oahu Electric Bike
EG Oahu Electric Bike...
Comfortable and powerful electric bicycle.
IZIP E3 Path+ Commuter
Easy Motion Neo Cross...
Euro commuter with loads of power and features.
Price: $2149
BH Easy Motion Neo 650B
Easy Motion Neo 650b...
One of BH's top-of-the-line electric mountain bikes.
Price: $2899
IZIP E3 Zuma E-Cruiser
IZIP E3 Zuma...
Ultra stylish (and powerful!) electric cruiser model.
Price: $2299
Stromer ST1 Electric Bike
Stromer ST1 E-Bike...
Swiss design with all of the best e-bike technology.
Price: $3499

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