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    IZIP / EZIP Li-Ion Upgrade Battery

    In 2009, Currie Technologies (EZIP / IZIP) started working on a new Li-Ion upgrade battery for their popular RMB bikes (Trailz, Mountain Trailz, Coastline, Via Lento, etc.). But due to unforseen technical problems, they stopped developement and it was taken out of the pipeline. Since demand was so high, we started working on our own Li-Ion upgrade pack and had a working prototype ready-to-go. But we recently found out Currie Technologies is working on another Li-Ion upgrade pack and expects to have it ready later this year.

    Since the new Currie upgrade battery will be hard to compete with directly and will include a full warranty (1 year?), we’ve stopped working on our Li-Ion upgrade pack to evaluate this new product. Our rep is expecting the Li-Ion replacement battery to be available by late summer 2010 with an estimated retail cost is $459-$499.

    If you’d like us to keep you up-to-date, please send an email to All inquiries about our previous upgrade pack will also be informed about this new product.




    I spoke to our rep at Currie Technologies earlier this week and got some more details about the new Li-Ion upgrade pack:

    It sounds like the new batteries will be 24V/7AH LiFePo4 packs built here in the U.S. At first I was disappointed about the 7AH rating, but I was reminded that this should provide the same performace and range of the existing SLA packs. The big advantage is they will be very low weight (I’m told just 5lbs!) and they’ll last extremely long (+1200 charges). They also went with the 7AH pack because it will keep the cost to around $399.

    I’m told these should be available by the end of the summer. I was also told they’ll have a 2-year warranty! Sounds like a top-of-the-line product. Although it won’t provide additional range over the existing SLA packs, it will be extremely lightweight and will last 3-4 times longer life-wise. So in the long-run, this battery will actually be cheaper than the SLA packs.



    The new Currie Li-Ion Upgrade Pack is now available!

    Currie LiFePo4 battery highlights:
    – 25.6V / 6.4AH Lithium Iron Phosphate
    – Extremely lightweight at just 5lbs (compared to 17lbs for SLA)
    – 1500+ charges (compared to 300-400 for SLA) w/ 3-year warranty!
    – 50% – 75% higher energy to weight ratio
    – -5F to 140F operating temperature (-20C to 60C)
    – Long shelf-life with low monthly discharge
    – Safest and longest-lasting Li-Ion chemistry available
    – Charge battery 2-4X faster
    – Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA by K2 Energy

    Find more information here >>>



    So you could buy a five hundred dollar ezip bike and a four hundred dollar Lithium battery and have a nine hundred dollar lithium battery electric bike. With a spare SLA battery for everyday or short trip use. Cool.



    So I’m waiting on an ezip bike the trailz…so could I plug the new lithium battery in there and it would work? Thanks!




    So could I plug the new lithium battery in there and it would work?

    Yes… this battery will plug right into your EZIP Trailz. Great upgrade…



    Hey Jeremy, thanks for the reply. I called the company and the guy was really vague, it is a great upgrade although an expensive one. But due to the savings in weight I would say gonna be a necessary one. Guess they aren’t available til jan. thanks again,janine



    …it is a great upgrade although an expensive one. But due to the savings in weight I would say gonna be a necessary one…

    It might seem expensive (upfront), but if you consider this battery will last 4-5 times longer than the SLA, it will actually be cheaper in the long run:

    4 SLA Batteries x $120 = $480

    1 LiFePo4 Battery = $399

    So not only does it significantly reduce the weight, but it also saves you money over time…



    You can upgrade You old 18lb 10Ah SLA (5-6Ah usable) to LiFe 7lb 10Ah (10Ah usable) for about $200. Dakota SLA replacement batteries will directly replace the SLA inside the eZip RMB pack. Can use old SLA charger, or upgrade to ≤ 10A charger.

    See –

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