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EG Bali X2 Bike Review $1299.00 $1059.00
by Jeremy at eCo Wheelz Our Rating: 4 of 5 Stars!

Our EG Bali X2 Review:

The EG Bali X2 is one of the only e-bikes with full (front and rear) suspension. Similar to EG's other full suspension model, the EG Barcelona, this high quality electric mountain bike features a long-lasting Li-Ion battery and several power assist options. With a heavy duty aluminum frame, 21-speeds, disc brakes and knobby mountain bike tires, it's well-suited for dirt roads, paths and other off-road conditions.

Mounted below the seat, the Bali X2 is powered by a 24V/10AH Li-Ion battery pack that weighs just 7lbs (54lbs total). Lasting 2-3 times longer than the heavier sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries on some models, it can be securely locked in place - or quickly removed for storage or charging. Rated at up to 35 miles per charge in "economy" mode, the Bali X2 has an excellent range which is very achievable under ideal conditions. But for riders who operate in "standard" mode or plan on using the throttle, 15-25 miles is much more likely.

The EG Bali X2 features and quiet and efficient brushless geared hub motor
built into the rear wheel. Not as powerful as some motors at just 200 watts, it's ideal for flat terrain or for people who just need a little assistance. Choose from two pedal assist settings, Economy (E) or Standard (S), by flipping the switch on the handlebar control. Economy mode provides a small amount of assistance and is barely noticeable while you ride, but helps extend your range. In standard mode, the power is much more obvious and the motor does most of the work while you pedal. You can use the throttle at any time, but it's a little unimpressive from a dead stop. The throttle works best once you start riding and is a nice way to keep your momentum or to quit pedaling when you're tired.

Opinions & Recommendations:

Loaded with features, the EG Bali X2 is designed for off-road riding and is ideal
for riders who enjoy - and expect to do some pedaling. Although it lacks the higher power and torque of some models, it's very lightweight and efficient - with exceptional range. On flat terrain, this bike works great and riding is a breeze. But expect to do a little work on steep hills or inclines. Although it can be used as a commuter bike, the Bali X2's wide knobby tires aren't that efficient on the street, and the battery makes it difficult to install a rear rack. But if your commute includes dirt roads or paths, the EG Bali X2 might be a good solution.

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Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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